About Yanik Silver

Just 28-years old, Yanik Silver is recognized as the leading expert on creating automatic, moneymaking web sites…and he’s only been online full time since February 2000!

His friends were rolling on the floor laughing when he told them he was going to put up a web site. And they had every right to be amused since Yanik had absolutely no web site design skills, zero HTML or coding knowledge… in fact, not much computer "know-how" whatsoever (still doesn't). But that didn't stop him from going ahead with my simple 2-page web site and the flood of orders haven't stopped.

He is the author and publisher of several best-selling online marketing books and tools including “Instant Sales Letters”, “Instant Internet Profits”, "Million Dollar Emails”, and “Autoresponder Magic”. Yanik specializes in creating powerful systems and resources for entrepreneurs to enhance their businesses.

Yanik is a highly sought after speaker and attendees regularly pay up to $4,995.00 per person to hear his secrets.