7 Tips For Internet Entrepreneurs
by David Jackson

A set of extremely useful products that are NOT what you would normally expect.

Each of these products costs LESS than you would think, and delivers FAR MORE than you would reasonable expect for the price, and comes with a Money Back Guarantee!

ie One (CAD$39.95) product has a 77 page Product Volume, a 90 page Store volume, a 800 page Selling volume plus a 450 page Traffic volume all for less than 30 US dollars.

AND these documents are linked together so that you can easily switch between them in order to clarify points.

Note: Each of these volumes is filled with important/useful information and NOT with WAFFLE or FILLER!

"These products ENABLE the small (or new) website owners to COMPETE EFFECTIVELY with the big boys."

1. Site Build It!

It takes care of all the technology and complexity of building and marketing your Web site... from brainstorming to domain name to hosting, from graphic design to Search Engine submission and optimization, from traffic analysis to e-zine publishing.

It makes it easy for you to build a professional, popular, and profitable Web BUSINESS.

2. Make Your Site Sell

MYSS! is generally accepted as the BIBLE of Net-selling. An indispensable "must-read" for everyone involved in e-commerce (marketer, designer, techie... from CEO to filing clerk). This is useful for people selling Services as well as for those selling Products.

3. Make Your Knowledge Sell

You know something that other people would pay to know. It can be right under your nose without seeing it. MYKS! is a proven system that shows you how to find "the infoproduct within," how to create and publish it, and how to market and sell it.

Selling your very own, proprietary product is the small business person's best chance to succeed on the Net. And MYKS! is the best way to do it.

4. Make Your Price Sell

The right price can literally triple your net profits. And, it can make the difference between success and failure.

Launching a new product? How will you price it? How do you know the absolutely perfect price -- the price that will maximize your income, right from the outset?

What about existing products? Market conditions change rapidly -- is your pricing up to date?

Up until now, it has been impossible for the small-to-mid-sized business to know exactly what price increase would still maintain unit-sales. Nor could you clearly see exactly what price decrease would double sales. Up until now, there has never been a way to know.

Now there is.

5. Make Your Words Sell

Selling software on the Net? Infoproducts? A service? Million dollar cables for suspension bridges?

If you want to sell more, you NEED to use the RIGHT words. Because words sell, not graphics.

MYWS! will give you with a special skill - "writing to sell on the Net". Use it to sell your products, or those of others.

6. Make Your Net Auction Sell

MYNAS! gives you all the details, inspiring insight, "can-do" strategies and a springboard of creative ideas to heat up your sales.

It has everything you need to know to get started -- and stay thrilled -- in this amazing Internet business.

Selling through Net auctions is a dream home-based business, and you already have what it takes to get into it.

No start-up investment or risk, work full-time or part-time, grow-in-any-direction, build at whatever speed you choose. And there is NO LIMIT to what you can make.

What's more, catching Auction Fever is FUN!

7. Excellent FREE training courses

FREE training courses (delivered by email) are available and cover topics such as Selling Services, Selling Products, Affiliates, Pricing, Auctions etc. These multi-part courses take you gradually through your chosen topic, and make you into an Expert.

Just send a blank email for the required course:-

TO tsmsDFJ833@sitesell.net
FOR Service Sellers Masters Course

TO tamsDFJ833@sitesell.net
FOR Affiliate Masters Course

TO timsDFJ833@sitesell.net
FOR InfoProducts Masters Course

TO tpmsDFJ833@sitesell.net
FOR Pricing Masters Course

TO twmsDFJ833@sitesell.net
FOR Netwriting Masters Course

TO tnamsDFJ833@sitesell.net
FOR Net Auction Masters Course

Check out these products, and see how you CAN improve your Internet Business. Many of these products also have a "free trial download", so that you can check out the quality of the supplied information, and test the product for yourself, however BEWARE, most users who test the products ARE so AMAZED, that they end up BUYING them!

This information is bought to you by Mr Dave Jackson, an affiliate of SiteSell, who has himself bought and used some of these products. The Site pages include lots of testimonials as well as lots more information about each of the products.

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