“Four Powerful Ideas in the first
Seven Mind Motivators…”

"In the first seven Mind Motivators, I came up with four powerful ideas that I am sure, will make my postcard program even stronger. I can not wait to receive the transcripts for the remaining Motivators as I am confident that they will contain more principles that will only improve my bottom line. Thank you again for a fantastic class."

- Gene Paltrineri
Gene Paltrineri Photography
Dover, NH

“40 Minutes into the Seminar –
a Whole New Approach to His Business…”

"I can honestly say I learned more in 3 hours during the 21 Mind-Motivators class today than I have learned in expensive and travel-intensive day-long seminars I have attended elsewhere.

The information density was awesome. One of my clients and friends, a local professional photographer, felt that, 40 minutes into the seminar, he had identified a whole new approach to his web site that justified at least twice the cost of the teleseminar.”

“In these turbulent times, we all need high-integrity mentors. I consider myself fortunate to have learned from Alex and Yanik. You may be saying the same thing as you blossom in new directions."

- Roger C. Parker

Dover, NH

“By Far The Best 3-Hour Investment Ever…”

"Two days later and my head is still reeling from the volume and intensity of invaluable information Alex and Yanik shared in the "21 Mind-Motivators" teleclass.

My biggest challenge is deciding which of the hundreds of incredible money-making ideas I should use first. As a marketing enthusiast, this was by far the best three-hour investment I've ever made.

Thanks guys!"

- Susan Friedmann
The Tradeshow Coach
Lake Placid, NY

“I Only Wish I Could Keep All These
Lessons A Secret…”

"It is a rare thing that I'm about to do. However, your "21 Mind Motivators" was so awesome and inspiring that I felt compelled to write to you and tell you exactly what I thought."

"There's so much important, time-saving, money-making information out there, that I was befuddled. Forgive me for admitting this openly, but I reluctantly signed up for your tele-class. I wondered if I would actually receive a real return on my investment. Well, I did! And then some.

By implementing even a few of your "21 Mind Motivators" anyone can experience greater success. I do this stuff for a living... and if you keep sharing all this information, I could soon be out of business! I only wish I could keep all of these lessons a secret. Thanks again!!"

- Debby Augur
Las Vegas, NV

“…Convert Prospects Into Sales Automatically...”

"I plan to use the knowledge I gained from the course to automate my sales process. I have spent my career either selling or using the computer as a tool. A tool to improve processes previously performed manually. Thanks for supplying the knowledge I needed to convert prospects into sales automatically."

- Dilmon Steen
Tampa, FL