“Let Us Hand You These 21 Top-Secret Methods To Instantly (and Ethically) Persuade Prospects to Buy NOW and Start Influencing Customers to Keep Buying FOREVER … No Matter What Business You’re In!”

Dear Colleague,

The first email came in at 6:58 a.m. on November 15th.

It was Dave, a longtime mutual client of ours … and “desperate” is the only way to describe his message.

Curious to find out what in the blazes he was talking about, we kept scrolling …

Ah… Now he made sense.

Because Just 24 hours before, we paired up to teach a SOLD OUT crowd of marketers eager to learn the 21 of the world’s most powerful psychological tactics to increase sales and profits.

So we understood Dave’s despair at missing the class. After all, the tactics we revealed that day are the same marketing secrets…

  • Direct marketing guru Jay Abraham used to sell over $7,210,000 worth of collectible coin sets

  • Legendary adman David Ogilvy used to sell hundreds of Rolls Royce automobiles

  • Direct response wizard Joe Sugarman used to sell over $42 million worth of Blu-Blocker™ sunglasses

  • The Wall Street Journal™ used to produce their famous “Two Young Men” letter (the most successful direct mail letter of all time!)

  • Legendary copywriter John Caples used to increase the pulling-power of his space ads and direct mail headlines

  • Joe Karbo used to sell millions of his world famous “Lazy Man’s Way To Riches” books at $10 a piece

Luckily for Dave, we recorded the teleseminar. In fact, we taped and transcribed the call for these two very important reasons:

Reason #1:

Because we jammed-packed this program with such fresh and meaty content, we felt it was only fair for our students to revisit each of the 21 Mind-Motivators (transcript or audio) and extract relevant lessons to grow their businesses ANYTIME they needed to!

Reason #2:

Because this is the first and last time we intend to reveal all 21 Mind-Motivators in a seminar setting, we wanted to review the material ourselves to help us get the most out of any future campaign we launch!

So we emailed Dave back, saying sure, no problem, he could purchase a “seat” after the fact. We got his credit card number, promised to send the files when they were ready, and moved on to the rest of the day.

But to our surprise, we were flooded by other emails that day -- just like Dave’s -- messages from marketers from all over the world who missed the teleseminar for one reason or another, and now regretted their absence.

We concluded (and pay attention, because this is where you’re going to benefit) that there were probably hundreds, if not thousands more colleagues who would jump at the chance to discover these secrets if given a chance.

So we decided to offer you the same deal we gave Dave: Full access to the “LIVE” version of our historic, information-packed teleseminar.

But before we tell you more, you’re probably wondering …

“What Are These 21 Marketing Secrets?”

We can name them with just two words: Mind-Motivators.

A Mind-Motivator instantly puts remarkable power into all of your marketing communications to inspire and convince your prospects and customers to purchase ANY product or service you sell, at anytime … and as often as you want.

Case closed.

And now you too can learn how to use 21 of the most powerful Mind-Motivators to win the hearts of more customers … grab more sales and profits … and leave your competitors in the dust as they scratch their heads wondering how you do it!

"Yanik and Alex have masterfully
isolated the true keys to motivate
a prospect into action and persuade
that prospect to buy. These are
powerful concepts that work."
- Direct quote from Joe Sugarman, world-class copywriter, direct marketer, catalog pioneer, and best-selling author of Triggers.

"What Are The 21 Mind-Motivators Guaranteed
To Capture More Sales & Profits for ANY Product
Or Service … in the 'Virtual' AND Real World?"

You’ll be glad to know that it doesn’t matter if you do your marketing online OR offline. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the marketing world, or a 20-year veteran.

It doesn’t even matter if you’re knee-deep in debt and can’t see a way out … or, if you’re a super savvy Internet marketer who pulls-in six-figure cash-profits month after month...

These 21 time-tested Mind-Motivators are the fastest, easiest, most reliable way to increase your sales and profits WITHOUT spending a single cent more on advertising or promotional costs.

Here’s What You’ll Get In This Exclusive Program

21 Mind Motivators: Psychological Tactics to Capture MORE Profits! gives you almost four solid hours of riveting analysis of all 21 Mind-Motivators at the granular level – the precise ways of HOW to use them, and WHY they work.

And you’ll be treated to over 89 real-world, market-tested Case Studies that are glowing examples of how these 21 Mind-Motivators have made fortunes for dozens of online and offline direct marketers.

In addition to the downloaded audio files, you’ll also get a 120-page, word-for-word transcript of the entire teleseminar.

KEY POINT: We felt was only fair to pack in a transcript with the word-for-word content that's over 3 hours in duration because there's no other way you can adequately absorb the lessons with ordinary note-taking.

Just think, by tuning into these information-packed audio sessions, you'll unlock the door to the secret passageway to become a more persuasive AND profitable marketer practically overnight!

In less than 4 hours … you’ll learn how to outthink, outwit, outsell, outpace and outperform EVERY competitor in your field!

In less than 4 hours … you’ll find out how to light the fuse to lifelong prosperity and be the eMarketing master in your industry!

In less than 4 hours … you’ll learn how to squeeze more cash-profits out of the customers you attract during any economic downswing, meltdown, or recession … even if you're on a shoestring budget!

21 Mind-Motivators Class Gets Rave Reviews

You don't have to take our word for it, Just take a moment and read through the dozens of candid testimonials from our 21 Mind-Motivator Graduates.

“Worth The Price Times 10…”

"You guys provided everyone on the line with an enormous amount of practical marketing information, and plenty of unexpected bonuses. Thanks for a real-deal marketing class - it was well worth the price times 10!"

- Dr. Len Schwartz
Richboro, PA

“Netted A Profit in Less Than 1 Day…”

"It cost approximately $70.00 US to call-in from the UK and let me tell you ... it was worth it! I thought you'd like to know that after the teleconference call with Yanik and yourself the other night I sent out a 'Birthday Email' email to my own list. It was my birthday on the 15th and using what I learned on the call I PRE-SOLD 16 copies of the Audio and PDF File at $29 US."

- Neil Stafford
BTI Internet
Lancashire, England

“Success in the First 24 Hours…”

"Alex and Yanik have given the menu of all menu's for anybody marketing online or offline. I put into action one simple technique that proved successful in the first 24 hours that I used it. Take Action! Get this course now..."

- Jon Muranko
Byron, IL

“Potential to Generate An Additional 5-Figures, Minimum…”

"In my profession, I've taken LITERALLY over 100 teleclasses…I learned a TON, and within 4 hours after the teleclass I had already created marketing material to use in the next few weeks…The 21 Mind-Motivators course AN EXTREME VALUE for the amount of material you gave me.

My prediction is this one teleclass has the potential to generate me an additional 5 figures, minimum, to my business, while at the same time increasing the value of my service to my clients. This is the first time I purchased anything from either of you, and I must say I was impressed…”

- Chris Van Wyk
Littleton, CO

“…So Many More Sales…”

"I am going to make so many sales in my new marketplace because of your 21 Mind-
Motivators. I alert you of my results!"

- Louie Fehér-Peiker
Mainstay Software Corp.
Denver, CO

“Had to Pay $100.00 Just for the International Call, But It Was Well Worth It…”

"Thanks for the wonderful tele-seminar… I've had to pay $100 just for the international call, but it was well worth it. You didn't just over-deliver by an hour, you included loads of bonuses & real life examples that anyone can relate to.Best of all, everyone of these techniques are true principles that are not limited to a certain time, geographic reagion or business. When applied properly, even a few of these, should produce massive returns."

"The 21 Mind-Motivators course really crystallized my vision and marketing sense. Now I can look at other sites & marketing pieces and literally extract what makes readers tick and what doesn't then apply it to my business!!!"

- M. Jamal
London, England

FAIR WARNING: Once you decide to order this course, we want you to promise us that you will only use these 21 mind-motivating techniques, tactics and tricks in ethical and honorable ways.

Look, if you’ve read this far, it might interest you to know that we’ve already used 11 of the 21 Mind-Motivators we plan to reveal ;-)

Did they work?

Doesn’t it seem like you’ve been gently and non-invasively lured to read our sales copy paragraph-by-paragraph down to this point?

Be honest. Isn’t your gut telling you that The 21 Mind-Motivators That Capture More Sales & Profits In The “Virtual” And Real World can make a dramatic difference in your marketing life?

Doesn’t feel like you’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose when you order this exclusive audio-visual course now?

KEY POINT: It is this “transparency factor” that makes every single Mind-Motivator so dangerously powerful AND why we want you to use each one morally and ethically.

If you answered, “YES,” then you now realize that the best thing about these 21 Mind-Motivators is their “transparency” – people seldom realize that you’re applying them in your ads or sales copy.

So after you decide to order, take a minute to have some fun. Print this page and go back and see how many of the 11 Mind-Motivators you can spot.


If you can’t find them all, don’t fret. Just fill-in your first name and email address in the box below and we’ll email you a “special link” that reveals exactly WHERE and WHY we used each of them on this Web page up to this point.

That way, you too will discover how these 21 Mind-Motivators can quickly and easily boost your sales and profits overnight!

Sound like a plan?

We’re not asking you for any money now and you won't even be sent to another Web page. Just fill-in this box to instantly get an email that reveals all XX Mind-Motivators we’ve used down to this point to inspire and convince you to purchase this valuable course

When you learn to apply all 21 Mind-Motivators we reveal in our new course you will quickly and easily …

Persuade MORE prospects to buy faster!

Motivate more customers to buy MORE often!

Convince MORE buyers to pay top dollar!

Order Now and Get These FREE Bonus Gifts Worth $166

Because you've decided to order today, you also get:

Bonus Gift #1

108 Powerful Action Words ($19 Value!) This is a handy cheat sheet stuffed with the precise words to increase the believability and pulling-power of your ad copy.

Bonus Gift #2

Alex’s Survey Questions ($49 Value!) Use this time-proven model when writing your next survey to uncover exactly what your customers like and value about you.

Bonus Gift #3

Yanik’s Famous Ad Samples ($69 Value!) Six record-breaking ads from Yanik’s private vault, completely dissected so you understand precisely why the copy works and the exact Mind-Motivators applied.

Bonus Gift #4

TV Spot Mega-Hits ($29 Value!) The million-dollar script writing secrets the TV marketing gurus wish you never knew.

How much would the entire 21 Mind Motivators package be worth to you? Wouldn’t it worth at least $300? Or $200? Or, how about $149?

When we surveyed marketers about how much they'd be willing to pay for all 21 Mind-Motivators AFTER attending our teleseminar, the average value was $462.

And then when we asked them about their "NEED" level, we were astounded to discover that 78% couldn't live without putting these 21 Mind-Motivators into their marketing mix.

Click here to see our actual survey results.

Because we want to be fair with you, we’re willing to give away this top-secret money making information for the same price it was originally available to our teleseminar attendees!

And that’s exactly why we’re giving YOU this exclusive opportunity to pick up the 21 Mind-Motivators course for the original $79 offer.

We can't promise to keep our price this low much longer, but if you order now, it's still not too late to get:


All 3 hours and 48 minutes of audio, including our exclusive interview with the legendary Joe Sugarman (the world-class copywriter who wrote the book on psychological triggers) …


The word-for-word, 120-page transcript of the entire program (so you can curl-up on your couch and highlight key points) …


And, lets not forget the four unadvertised free bounus gifts that we just mentioned (never before offered to the public) worth $166!!!

Imagine, all of this marketing content for a measly $79.

So for the price of a dinner out, you can tap the power of 21 time-proven Mind Motivators – tactics that have been helping marketers sell more products and services to more customers for hundreds of years – and use them to ethically and quickly turbo-charge your sales and profits.

And don’t worry about getting your money’s worth because you’re completely protected by a 90-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Read the transcript … listen to the audio files … put these profit-boosting tactics to work in your business. If you don’t totally agree that our 21 Mind-Motivators can dramatically boost the pulling-power of your:

  • Email campaigns

  • Direct mail letters

  • Website landing pages

  • Postcards campaigns

And let’s not forget …

  • E-zine and magazine ads

  • Subject lines

  • Search Engine & Directory keywords

  • Overture Pay-per-click descriptions

...if you don’t legitimately fatten your bottom-line many times over with our 21 Mind-Motivators at your side, simply contact me within 90 days of your purchase, ask for a refund and I’ll cheerfully fork over every cent of your investment.

IMPORTANT: The $166 in Bonus Gifts will still be yours to keep as your gift for having faith in us!

Now what could be fairer than that?

So, if you’re tired of guessing at the magic ways to instantly inspire your prospects to buy - and you’re ready to start effortlessly guiding more customers to higher value, more frequent purchases – you can’t afford to pass this offer up.

Good Sales,

O. Alex Mandossian – President
Heritage House Publishing, Inc.

(415) 492-1778

Yanik Silver - President
Surefire Marketing, Inc.

(301) 770-0423

P.S. You’ve already missed the FIRST and LAST 21 Mind-Motivators teleseminar that we’ll ever hold. But you still have a chance to hear, learn and master the bottom-line-boosting lessons we taught … for the modest investment of only $79.

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P.P.S. After all of this, if you’re still undecided … Click here!